The Modesto Gospel Mission is the center where the larger community comes together to provide refuge, recovery, and restoration through Christ.

2,091+ People experiencing homelessness in and around Modesto, CA
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Our Goal is to Provide a Place of Refuge for Recovery and Restoration Through the Power and Love of Jesus Christ.

Established in 1948, the Modesto Gospel Mission has provided services to poor and homeless people to meet both their tangible and spiritual needs for the last 75 years

The Mission is able to serve some of the most broken people in our community by helping them get off the streets and radically change their lifestyles through a myriad of programs and services. We offer hope through the love of Jesus in word and deed. The Mission ministers to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of each guest. More than a food bank or soup kitchen, we provide daily shelter, clothing, meals, showers, Bible studies, life skills classes, employment training and assistance, addiction recovery, a medical clinic, and more.

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Stories of Hope
The healing starts with one night. You've got to push through the first night. It can be the start of something great.
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  • New Life Program Disciple
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  • "My life has changed since I came to the Modesto Gospel Mission and surrendered to Jesus Christ. He changed my life 180 degrees, and I'm a new person inside and out. I'm grateful to God and Mission."

    New Life Program Graduate
  • "Youth Center is a big blessing in my life. They provide clothes, backpacks, school supplies, shoes, food and more. The Youth Center helped me get a scholarship. I've built a better relationship with Jesus Christ."

    Youth Center Junior Volunteer
  • "Since coming to the Modesto Gospel Mission my life has been full of joy and peace. Something I knew nothing about in my previous lifestyle. God has healed my broken heart and my life is now marked by a peace that surpasses understanding."

    New Life Program Disciple
  • "It has been a life changing experience for me volunteering my time here at the Mission. I feel very privileged to have been part of the life change that’s happening."

    Volunteer, Mission Kitchen
  • "For 15 years I was lost, and I'm grateful the Mission was there to take me in and offer an environment to change I can be obedient, get to know Jesus, and put forethought into tomorrow."

    New Life Program Graduate
  • "I joined the New Life Program not realizing how much God had his hands on my life and my kids lives from day one. The Mission has given me the best tools ever and allowed me to have a strong foundation with the Lord."

    Women's New Life Program Graduate
  • "Since joining the New Life Program, the darkness that I felt has been replaced with hope. I have been redeemed! This year the feeling of hopelessness doesn't get to take the joy of that moment away from me because Jesus has restored my life!"

    New Life Program Graduate
More About Volente
Volente Coffee Roasters provides exceptional specialty coffee to churches, businesses, and consumers while training men and women to develop the business skills necessary to re-enter the workforce after homelessness and incarceration.
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Shower and Laundry Schedule
Bringing hot showers, underwear, socks, and hygiene kits with 2 buses to the underserved, homeless, and working poor.
  • Shuttle1
    9AM- 12:30PM
    Where: Mission Campus, 1400 Yosemite Blvd, Modesto, CA 95354
  • Shuttle2
    9AM- 12:30PM
    Where: Mission Campus, 1400 Yosemite Blvd, Modesto, CA 95354
We partner with many great local companies, organizations, and individuals. Our operations would not be possible without their continued support of our work here at the Mission.