My Journey to Sobriety and Faith

From Addiction to Grace: My Journey to Sobriety and Faith
May 10, 2023
My Journey to Sobriety and Faith

We're thrilled to introduce Gonzalo! Check out his inspiring journey of overcoming addiction and finding faith through the New Life program at the Mission.

"I grew up with my parents. They ended up separating very early in my childhood. My mother was on drugs. My father rarely visited us. I began smoking weed at an early age. When I came home from school with good grades, I was awarded with weed. My addiction looked like me literally drowning myself in alcohol. I began using cocaine, preferably to keep drinking. This led to a big downfall because the cocaine would enable me to keep drinking. I simply drank way too much. Then I came to the Mission. I wasn’t even looking for God. I was just trying to get into rehab or something. I turned the corner and realized where I was and hesitated at first, but I am now very glad I joined the new life program. I currently have over one year sober. I’ve been in the New Life program since May of 2022. I am working as a dietary aide at a skilled nursing facility. I’m learning to love myself more. I am learning about God’s grace and mercy every day. I need to get my license. I also plan on living independently or with my brothers in a sober living home. I plan on keeping my job and possibly beginning training for CAN. Behavioral counseling is also a dream of mine. I want to walk in strength within myself, given to me by Christ. I have goals and plans for my life, but I want His will to be done in my life. I am a testament to His grace and greatness. Peace be with you."