Faith and Hard Work Can Overcome Addiction

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June 13, 2023
Faith and Hard Work Can Overcome Addiction

This week's Testimony Tuesday features the incredible story of Joe, a member of our maintenance team and an NLP graduate here at the Mission. From developing skills early in life to navigating a chaotic path, Joe discovered purpose in reusing his knowledge for God's glory. Here's Joe's inspiring testimony.

“I learned how to be a hard worker from an early age. I was raised working in orchards, doing construction and operating machinery. Even with these skills, at age 12 I started drinking alcohol and using drugs. By the age of 17 I was arrested & spent the next 20 years either in jail, prison, or on parole. My life was completely out of control. No matter what drug program I tried; I could not stop using meth. After multiple parole violations, my PO told me to get myself into a program or he would violate me again. It was then that I called the Modesto Gospel Mission to join the New Life Program. When I arrived, I hadn’t slept for the past 5 days. I was heavily under the influence and my chaplain had to really convince me to give up my drugs and paraphernalia. I’ve been clean and sober since then, almost 7 years ago. I completed the program, and I did the Mission’s 1-year internship and then I was hired as staff. During my first 3 years working at the Mission, I was a Service Supervisor and then became Facilities Maintenance. I now provide maintenance needs for the Mission buildings and properties. I serve God here by keeping everything working. I do the plumbing, electrical, painting, HVAC, landscaping, vehicles, and anything else the Mission needs. I have also been blessed by being able to teach the Mission’s Celebrate Recovery class for the last 5 years. Working for the Mission has changed my life in every way. I got my sanity back and can function. I work full-time and I am able to raise my two children. I’m a member of my church and the Soldiers of The Cross Motorcycle Ministry. I give glory to Jesus Christ My Lord and Savior. Without Jesus, I would still be in my mess. He truly delivered me from a life of sin and addiction.”

- Joe

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