Take a Tour

Take a tour of our mission and see how we're helping individuals overcome homelessness.
Learn how we're breaking the cycle of homelessness with your help. You'll learn more about who we serve, how we provide services, and how we accommodate people at the Mission if you take a tour.
What can you expect?
  • You'll get to interact with our shelter guests, people in our programs, staff, and regular volunteers
  • We will tour all the buildings on the Mission campus.
  • Our location has stairs. If attendees have special needs, we can modify the tour.
  • We can add a tour of our Youth Center and/or Volente Coffee Roasters if you so desire.

What is the tour's duration?

There's usually a 45 Minutes to 1 Hr tour. Tours can last an hour depending on how big the group is.

Is there a prescheduled time or should I call?

On Tuesday, we'll do tours between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Do you have group tours?

We like to keep our group tours to about 10 people. Our facility can be toured by multiple tour leaders at a time to accommodate larger groups.

What's the best person to contact?

Call our volunteer coordinator Mike Mosley at 209.225.2907 or email him at to arrange a tour.

Find out more about who we serve and how you can help by visiting the Mission
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