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If you're in need of assistance to overcome homelessness, we're here to provide the help and healing you need.
If you have found yourself homeless or in need of our services and support, we can help!
The Modesto Gospel Mission exists to provide refuge, recovery, and restoration to the homeless and needy men, women, and children in our area. We offer shelter, meals, clothing, recovery programs, assistance, and more..

If you or someone you know has found themselves homeless and in need of our services, you are welcome to contact the Mission to find out the next action steps to receive assistance. We have also provided a “FAQ” section below that answers common questions that many have when contacting the Mission for assistance. For further information, or to speak directly with Mission staff, please contact us using the information listed below or on our “Contact Us” page.

Find answers to common questions about the Modesto Gospel Mission.

The Modesto Gospel Mission provides shelter, clothing, meals, Bible studies, life skills classes, GED and adult high school classes, employment assistance, addiction recovery, basic medical assistance, recuperative care, case management, a day program, an after-school youth program and tutoring, mentoring, and more to those in need. The Mission provides a variety of programs that go beyond just food and shelter that aim to help break the cycle of homelessness and transform lives for the long-term.

Check-in for men and women's emergency shelter services is at 6:00 pm daily. You may call to check current availability. If an individual chooses to shelter with us and checks in every evening, they are eligible to keep their bed for 90 days. However, if an individual sheltering with us leaves and misses a nightly check-in, they are subject to losing their bed to accommodate others for up to 20 days “out” for men and 45 days “out” for women. If an individual leaves, they may still be eligible for meals, the day center, and the warming/cooling center.

8:15 am and 6:15 pm are ideal times for women to call about sheltering with us. 6:00 pm is check-in for men, and space is typically available.

Children are housed with their mothers in one building, with men separate in another. Although availability is limited, the Mission does provide units for single fathers with children, but does not provide family units. In addition, male children ages 13 to 18 cannot be housed anywhere at the Mission other than in single father units at this time due to safety and legal issues.

The Mission only allows service or companion animals with proper certification and paperwork.

Guests are allowed 1-2 bags that can be locked-up/stored overnight. No day storage is available except for those in our Freedom Road Day Program or other programs (separate protocols). Crates with hygiene/other small items are provided additionally for overnight guests.

Breakfast is served at 6:20am, and attendees must arrive before this time in order to be served. Doors open at 6pm for dinner service check-in and close at 7pm. Lunch is provided exclusively to New Life Program members, females and children sheltering at the Mission, and Day Program attendees (must arrive before 12pm to be served).

Those sheltering with us have access to donated, clean clothing, and clothing may be provided to those wishing to come onto the Mission campus without proper attire. Our warehouse/distribution center is open to the public from 8:00-9:00 am Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, and provides clothing and other additional items to members of the public in need. The Mission does not provide chargers for cell phones or other electronic devices, except for in the Day Program.

Showers are available to men and women. Men must arrive by 7:00 pm and attend a chapel service and dinner in order to shower. Showers are available for women Monday through Friday, but women must arrive by 7:30 am. A local non-profit partner with the Mission, the “Shower Shuttle” is on property providing showers to the public free of charge on Tuesdays from 9:00 am to 1:30 pm (you can read more about Shower Shuttle and find their schedule here:

We have a long-standing commitment to education and employment assistance to our guests. Employment is vital to helping individuals get back on their feet. We partner with local agencies and volunteers to offer diploma and GED assistance and test preparation, resume services, job search assistance, and interview coaching. We also provide job and education assistance through our Freedom Road Day Program.

We offer our Freedom Road Day Program as a safe and predictable environment where homeless men and women can find refuge from the streets of Modesto. This program provides coffee, lunch, snacks, peer support, Bible studies, life skills classes, and recreational activities to attendees Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:45 pm. Guests also receive case management in the Day Program to assist them with obtaining ID documentation, public benefits, and housing.

Drugs, marijuana, weapons, and other drug paraphernalia are not allowed. Medications must have an official label/prescription with a healthcare provider or insurance carrier's name and must be turned in upon check-in. The Mission can provide appropriate attire to those who require it and wish to receive services. Abusive or threatening language or behavior is not allowed on the Mission campus and will not be tolerated and may lead to ejection.

Our cooling center is open to the community on any day where the temperature reaches 100 degrees or above, and our warming center is open nightly at 9:30 pm when the temperature reaches 45 degrees or below. This service is for men, women, children, and anyone else that needs to escape the heat or cold. These services are provided in our Chapel space.

Our Children & Youth Center is open at 2 pm 5 days a week and is open to youth ages 6 - 18. Our after-school program offers homework help, tutoring, snacks, art classes, games, and a safe place for kids to go. We offer a daily family devotional followed by free dinner as well as a teen program on Friday nights.

We offer a variety of services to the public such as meals to go; breakfast and dinner served in our dining hall; our warehouse clothing distribution center, open to the public from 8:00am to 9:00 am Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday; showers; our Day Program; our after-school Youth Center weekday program, and more.

No. The Mission does not provide any transportation assistance at this time.

Visit our Programs & Services page under our “About” section to find information on our 12-month New Life Program. There you can find a link to a digital entry application to fill out for New Life Program eligibility.

1400 Yosemite Blvd,
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P O Box 1203,
Modesto, CA 95353
6:30 AM
Must Arrive before 6:15 AM to be served
8:00 PM
Door close at 8:00 PM