A Journey of Healing, Faith, and Miracles.

Witness the Miracles: Johnny's Transformation at the New Life Program
May 24, 2023
A Journey of Healing, Faith, and Miracles

This week, we are sharing the testimony of one of our soon-to-be graduates, Johnny, who has a story of survival and redemption. Check out how God healed him by coming to the New Life Program.

“I came from a mom who was addicted. My father was in the military throughout my childhood years, always busy and leaving me feeling as if I didn’t have parents at all. I started using meth at the age of 29, initially to fit in with people. Eventually, I became dependent on it. When I found out I had stage 3 colon cancer, I started using it even more, as a way to numb the pain. Drugs became the "friend" I thought I needed. This went on for some time until I came to the Mission. Coming here and joining the New Life Program changed and saved my life. I now believe in a healing God, and I am cancer-free. I know and believe that I can do all things through Him if I have faith and believe in God. I am thankful for the help I have received here and blessed with a good chaplain at the Mission. I am grateful for my church; they accepted and welcomed me without judgment. I plan to keep my job in security, get stable housing, and stay connected with other men of faith. I will always share my story and tell people about God. If I come across people who were anything like me and if they don’t believe, I will tell them of how I saw miracle after miracle from God.”