A Second Chance at Life

Gabriel's journey of addiction, redemption, and finding hope through God's unconditional love and the Modesto Gospel Mission's New Life Program.
May 10, 2023
A Second Chance at Life

Second times a charm! Gabriel is familiar with the Modesto Gospel Mission. As a matter of fact, when he left the first time, the tools he gained staying with us helped him to know exactly what he needed to do to change his life. He’s a testament of God’s unconditional love! Check out his story below!

“I was born in Stockton. I grew up with four sisters and one brother, we were all raised by my mom and stepdad. I was raised being taught respect and was a very good kid growing up. My biological dad always found a way to be there for me and my siblings through his own struggles. Some of my best memories from childhood are playing Game Cube and Mario Kart with my older brother. It was about my senior year in high school when I started to get curious about drugs and drinking. I started off mild, drinking alcohol and taking pills. Little did I know things would escalate quickly. Not long after, I started using fentanyl. My addiction felt like I was trapped in a dark abyss with no way out. I put drugs before my family, and it turned me into a whole different person that my family couldn’t recognize anymore. Before I joined the New Life Program here at the Modesto Gospel Mission, I had no hope, and no willingness to want to change my lifestyle. My demise or prison were the only options for my actions. Joining the New Life program changed my life completely. Surrendering my life to God and learning the Bible has brought purpose to my life. I wake up every day with hope. I joined the program on May 5th, 2022, and stayed through December 17th, 2022. Yes, I relapsed but I knew exactly where to come back to.. My goals for my future are to own my first car, house and to live a healthy life with my family. I want to preach the word to the next generation and travel to other countries. I want the full experience of life. I would also like to go back to college. I want to add that if you are ever feeling discouraged, lost, or feel like giving up, don’t. There is light, you don’t need to be in the darkness anymore. God loves you.”