December 14, 2022
This has allowed me to make a true restoration!

Thank YOU for your prayers and support! It has helped make Rena’s story possible.

"My journey to drug addiction and homelessness was a long time in the making. Now looking back, I clearly see the progression of my downfall, but at the time I was just trying to mask a severe case of depression. In the beginning, the drugs worked, they helped relieve the pain, making me feel like l could conquer the world. In the end, addiction took everything from me, including my children, and I found myself living in a tent. My lifelong meth addiction had caused a drastic decline in my mental health, and it wasn't until I ended up in jail that I would finally be sent to treatment. This is where I finally found freedom. Recovering from drug addiction isn't easy for anyone, but for a person who has a dual diagnosis, it can be even more challenging. I feel like God led me to the Modesto Gospel Mission's New Life Program. They treat everyone like an individual and they do their best to accommodate each person's needs and struggles. Today, I have over a year clean and my mental health has stabilized. This has allowed me to make a true restoration!"

- Rena