Sarah's Journey from the Streets to Restoration

A Journey of Grace: Sarah's Triumph Over Fentanyl and Redemption through Faith A Journey of Grace: Sarah's Triumph Over Fentanyl and Redemption through Faith.
May 24, 2023
Grace Unveiled: Sarah's Journey from the Streets to Restoration

From the streets and fentanyl, to a life restored. Sarah is a walking testimony of grace. As fentanyl continues to plague our communities, Sarah made a decision that will change her life! She chose a life with God. Check out her story here.

“Growing up I was raised by my mother. I was an only child, and my father wasn’t around because of his drug addiction. My mother wasn’t loving or compassionate so at times I felt lonely. I began using street drugs and drinking alcohol in high school. It was easy to do because everyone was doing it. It was after I graduated from High School that I started using opiates. This is what led to my downfall. They brought me to a lifestyle I never thought I would live in. My life was very chaotic. I was homeless, living in the car with my boyfriend and running the streets. I was breaking the law to support my habit. Then once my boyfriend went to jail and I was on the streets by myself, I realized that I reached rock bottom. I was alone and living a sad life using fentanyl. I ended up meeting someone on the bus one day who was heading to the Modesto Gospel Mission. I never knew this place existed. I was informed of the Mission, and I still chose not to come here. It took me about two more weeks on the streets to realize that something had to change. I finally made the decision to come here and join the New Life Program and I have been here ever since. Since coming to the Mission, I’ve gotten the chance to start working on myself. I now have a relationship with God. I’ve learned patience and to just have faith. I’m learning self-worth and the correct ways to deal with my anger. Now I look at the cup being half full instead of half empty. After graduation, I plan on being a staff member here. I also plan on being in school for drug counseling. I’m going to continue to stay busy and put my recovery first. I plan to reunite with my daughter. Most importantly I plan to keep building my relationship with God and stay on His path. I thank the staff and my fellow program sisters for being such a support system and for being a part of my recovery.”