New Life Program (Women)


Using Jesus Christ as a foundation, the New Life Program encourages women as they prepare to return to society. The New Life Program helps people escape and recover from homelessness and addiction by teaching them practical, spiritual, emotional, social, educational, vocational, and financial skills. It's a 12-month program where residents work around the facilities to rebuild their work ethic; they're encouraged to go to church, and they're taught hands-on transferrable skills. They'll meet with a Case Manager or Chaplain every week, and they'll also attend daily Bible studies, finance advice once a week, and get help finding a local church. As part of the program, residents take classes like Anger Management, Addiction Studies, Healthy Boundaries, and Career Development. As soon as the program residents finish career development, they're helped find outside jobs. As soon as they're employed, they have six months to save money, pay off debts, buy a car, and save for a place to live.  

There's also aftercare after you finish the program. With the Mission, you're held accountable, set goals, and get case management. Graduates have plenty of time to adjust to life in society after graduation. 

The Modesto Gospel Mission and Jesus Christ look forward to celebrating your newfound life and accomplishments. 

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12-Month New Life Program (Women)
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